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Progress To Date

Pipeline Design

  • Direct discussions with operators such as ConocoPhillips highlighted that the use of an adhesive or low ductility steel was undesirable
  • Andrew Stevenson then re-designed and patented a pipe with a new interlock and simpler winding approach
  • JP Kenny provided engineering advice and a typical cost analysis of pipe laying

Mechanical Reinforcement

Consists of at least two independent strips of high strength steel are helically wound around the liner

Each strip has 2 asymmetric ribs formed, designed to interlock the outer layer and the inner layer � without needing an adhesive

A conservative failure criterion is used for design analysis of unlocking interlock, not burst.

Typically operating at up to 100bar. The design is suitable for pipes ranging from 6" (152mm) to 36" (914mm) with pipe tests (pressure, bend, material) completed on 6" diameter pipe segments, and feasibility FEA completed on diameters up to 36".